Vibration Plate Fitness Machine Whole Body Workout Platform Machine w/Loop Bands

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1. The large size 27" x 15" x 5.3" of main body makes you feel stable and sturdy on the vibration plate, that can hold max user weight 300LBS. Attached 4 suckers on the bottom reduce the impact on your floor and also providing a secure, nonslip grip.
2. A 200W power motor works quietly for your home workout, it provides smooth and strong power to fit different programs and stimulate all of your muscles properly. The machine works for 10 minutes by each program and 60 minutes totally.
3. The vibration plate provides different vibrations for full body i.e. foot, leg, buttock, abdomen and arms. The platform of vibration machine provides 3 WORKOUT STANDING POSITIONS of (1) walking, (2) jogging and (3) running that can help sculpt, transform and redefine your whole body!
4. The vibration plate offers 3 different pre-set programs and vibration intensity from 1-99 to fit different needs and various exercise modes with cross pulls, push ups, squats, yoga, lunges, bicep curls, core, laterals etc..
5. Through the LED touch control panel or wireless hand controller, you can operate the vibrating machine easily, the panel shows Mode, Time, Speed etc..
6. The elastic resistance bands help further strength your arms, they're easily hanged to the machine and other equipment by the hooks.
7. We offer prompt response that is available with 24 hours, with a warranty of free replacement of main parts for 1 year.

Item Code W55922351
Product Type General Item
Product Name Vibration Plate HYLC 305
Main Color Sliver
Package Size 32.09 * 18.90 * 7.28 inches  33.07lbs
Whether installation is required No

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